Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sports bother me

It's not that I don't like sports. Much the opposite in fact. I love them. But, they bother me. So often.

Let me clarify though. Not the sports themselves, but everything that comes with them. For starters, the Masters updates because Tiger slept with a bunch of women. First, I don't need Masters updates. It's golf. Second, if he wasn't returning from his 'self-imposed' leave of absence, I wouldn't have to suffer through updates of the leader board in the fourth inning of my baseball game. I am watching baseball because I like baseball. If I liked golf, I'd watch golf; it's on CBS, I get CBS. I could switch the channel whenever I wanted. By all means, update me with other baseball scores and highlights. But is the Masters important to anyone but golf fans? I mean, it never is any other year, why this year? Because Tiger slept with a bunch of people; that makes the Masters worthy of interrupting my baseball games for?

(Isn't it weird to be talking about Tiger Woods and refer to him as Woods? It just sounds odd. He does not have a good 'refer to him by his last name' name.)

By the way, as this is being written, I had to check and see if the Masters was actually still in progress, which it is not. Apparently Lefty won. So this was, I suppose, the least exciting story golf fans were hoping for. Tiger did not win. Also, Tiger did not tank. He was around and that's it. Maybe next time my sport is being interrupted, it would actually be for something noteworthy.

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