Monday, April 12, 2010

Sports bother me III

Santonio Holmes was just traded. Literally, just traded, over night or early this morning. And already, I am bothered by the reactions. First, let's recap the trade. Holmes is a good to very good wide receiver. He isn't a top five guy, but only five guys are. He is better than any wide receiver that can be drafted later this month. Taking that into account, he was traded for a 5th round pick. I am sure both parties, the Jets and Steelers, were aware he would be suspended for the first four games of the season. So it isn't a ridiculous steal of a trade, but a steal nonetheless.

Now what bothered me about the reactions was not even that 'people' were upset he was dealt for so little. They were wondering whether Jets fans should even want him on their team.....wait, what? This is why sports bother me sometimes. Why would Jets fans not want him? He's a bad guy? Who cares!? Unless said player is going to negatively impact your franchise, and in this case, the four game suspension was already known, what is the difference if he's a jerk or a crook, etc? There are a hundred guys in the NFL that are bad guys. Just like there are probably a few dozen wherever you work. Maybe your barber or butcher (do people still have butchers?) is a crook and you don't know it. These people's shortcomings don't affect me in the least. My figurative team added a pro-bowl caliber player, helping them move further in the playoffs, and I am suppose to care that he got caught with marijuana? Why? I'm not modeling my life or my future children's lives after him. If you are, maybe that's more of a problem than Santonio Holmes getting arrested.

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  1. As a Jets fan, I could care less if he likes to 'wake and bake' or tell idiot fans to go kill themselves (2 of his most recent Twitter posts to get him in trouble). At the end of the day, if he can get back on the field and be a down-the-field threat, its all gravy.

    What was even funnier was to hear people call in and saw that the Jets are the new Raiders and how Rex is the collector of 'the huddled masses, miscontents, etc.' While Cromartie and Holmes have questionable pasts, they are only two guys on a roster of 50+. Every team has a few guys that have off the field problems...At least my teams 2 are potential stars.

    While its easy to admire players who contribute greatly off the field, I don't think less of players who do the opposite. As long as these players help my team, I root for them.