Monday, April 12, 2010

The power of the sequel

Sequels are a powerful thing. I, like most Americans, will go see a movie just because of the simple fact that 'I saw the first one.' If we are familiar with the characters, we stick with the story; we like to follow things we are used to.

This is one reason I am afraid to start reading a science fiction series. Once I read the first one, if it is remotely entertaining in the least, I'm stuck through the end. I can't abandon those characters. It is the reason Friends was so popular. The first two or so seasons were not bad. That is all it took. Everyone was hooked. The next seven years people tuned in to watch the characters; no one cared about the plot of any episodes, not in the least.

This is obviously why such a large percentage of movies are based on 'something.' A new movie is always based off a book, comic, previous movie; rarely is a blockbuster movie an original idea. It is just easier to secure viewers with something they already know.

This now gets me to my point. The Cleveland Show sucks, right? I have trouble knowing for sure because I have followed Cleveland Brown for many a year on Spooner Street and grew to enjoy his antics and slow drawl. But The Cleveland Show is not good. Rarely is it funny for a whole episode. Rarely does it make me laugh out loud. In fact, I routinely get annoyed by segments in the show. However, I have yet to miss an episode. I have seen every Cleveland Show that has ever aired. Now maybe I am not like most people. Perhaps others would quit on such a product; or perhaps that is just the power of the sequel.

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