Saturday, April 24, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

With so much going on in the world of sports right now, (NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, NFL draft, MLB regular season. April is pretty much sports' busiest time of year) I thought I'd ignore them all and mention a few facts about nothing in particular. We'll do this bullet point style:

- I suck at Streak for the Cash. My highest streak ever is nine in a row.

- Chuck Klosterman is one wildly entertaining fellow.

- I rarely see movies in the theaters.

- Todd Helton is historically very underrated, just check his numbers.
- Todd Helton is still not fun to watch or root for.

- Since the top five highest grossing movies in the history of cinema have all been made in the last five to ten years, that honor has now become irrelevant.

- Season six of Lost is just as good or better than any previous season and I do not care who disagrees with that sentiment.

- Community is funnier than any show on CBS.

- I am on the edge of my seat waiting to find out along what plot line they split the two remaining Harry Potter films.
- The previous fact is not a joke nor exaggerated.

- Douglas Adams didn't get enough pub while he was still alive.

- I have terrible luck with favorite players:
-Ken Griffey Jr. fell off a cliff.
-Tracy McGrady fell off a larger, much steeper cliff.
-Barry Sanders never won a title, then retired way too early to avoid the proverbial cliff falling incident.
-I don't have a favorite hockey player, although Dany Heatley always ends up on my fantasy team. Do with that information what you wish.

- Brad Pitt has been in a tremendously large amount of very entertaining movies.
- Snatch is the greatest movie ever made and Brad Pitt steals every scene he's in.

-The Real World/Road Rules Challenges are so good and I can't explain why.
- I am on Team Wes, not Team Kenny.

- I love, love, love the NY Yankees and NY Giants yet am never biased towards them. If I am, call me on it...

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