Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sports bother me II

The NHL regular season ends today. I have not watched a single game. Likewise, the NBA wraps up this week and I have yet to sit and watch a full game. But do not for a second assume I don't like/care about these sports because that is false. I have at least one fantasy hockey team every season and at least two fantasy basketball teams. Whether it adds to my point or not I'm not quite sure, but I do very well in both, actually better in hockey. I also love the playoffs in each. Can't miss television, especially playoff hockey; it is fantastic.

The point is (I know I probably shouldn't refer to my point before it has been addressed; I'm new at this) what is the point of the regular season? More than 50% of each league makes the playoffs. Teams under .500 often make the playoffs in basketball, including, more than likely, another this season. What is to gain from having the regular seasons so long? But it's not just that, because baseball is obviously a very long regular season, yet I hate to miss a game. There is something inherently wrong with what the NHL and NBA are doing and I can't quite put my finger on it.

When the puck drops for the Stanley cup playoffs, I am in. I'll watch every round. Same for the NBA playoffs. There is nothing wrong with the sports themselves, just their seasons. People have suggested/hoped for cuts in games down to 72 or so. Would that help anything? I still cannot find anything remotely exciting or interesting about a regular season game, even if Kobe is playing Lebron, or Sid the Kid is facing Alex the Great. I understand some people (very few people) love to watch it for the majesty of the game and for the talent displayed, but I can never get past the overwhelming feeling that this specific game means absolutely nothing.

I don't have a solution for either sport, and that bothers me.

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