Friday, April 8, 2011

Who knew the Red Sox were wimps?

I've heard of cracking under pressure, but an entire team folding under the weight of week one of an excruciatingly long baseball season? I believe the play at second base to end the game versus the Indians last night may sum up the Red Sox season. The following two words say just about the same damn thing. "Too Far"

A seemingly unknown player, at least I have no clue who he was or why he was even playing for the Red Sox in such a key moment in a game that was definitely must win, ran "too far" on the base paths and killed a potential game winning rally for a team desperate to win anything at this point.

The sports media probably went way, way"too far" in anointing the Sox World Series Champions before the season kicked off. I don't believe any team to start 0-6 has ever reached the World Series, let alone won it.

Now it is definitely taking things "too far" to say the Sox season is over, done with, in the can. They can turn things around enough to say, finish second or third in what can be considered the most competitive division in baseball. But I will say this. If the Red Sox do NOT finish ahead of both the Orioles and Blue Jays this season, Terry Francona will be fired.

That would be too far for Sox nation, for a town that lives and dies baseball.

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