Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miscellaneous Me

March Madness Edition

(1) Fans not being surprised anymore at anything that happens in the NCAA Tournament
(16) Getting excited to watch Butler face VCU for a trip to the National Championship

(8) A company purchased laptop computers for employees to use while traveling. Fearing they might be stolen, the managers came up with a clever solution: permanently attach the laptop computers to the employees' desks.
(9) Kodak once introduced a single-use camera called the Weekender. Customers have called the support line to ask if it's okay to use it during the week.

(5) Reviews for Johnny Depp's new animated movie Rango
(12) Reviews for Simon Pegg's new animated movie Paul

(4) ESPN running a bracket to find the coolest name out of all the players in college basketball
(13) ESPN running a bracket to find who should be on the cover of Madden 12

(6) Keith Law in the spring and summer
(11) Keith Law in the fall and winter

(3) Connecticut Huskies
(14) Connecticut Huskies before the season started

(7) I recently had a dream that I pitched a perfect game
(10) I recently had a dream that I pitched a perfect game in MLB 2K11

(2) The new euphemism "violating BYU's honor code," i.e. I passed Starbucks this morning and saw 18 people violating BYU's honor code.
(15) Using the phrase "LeBron'd" to say that you witnessed something, i.e. I LeBron'd a tragic automobile accident.

Last Four Out:
- News outlets trying to convince us to care about the Barry Bonds trial
- Trailers for the movie Thor
- The release date for the fourth novel in the Inheritance Cycle
- Virginia Tech Hokies

[8 and 9 are true stories from Scott Adams' book The Dilbert Principle.]

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