Saturday, April 30, 2011

Miscellaneous Me

April is sports' busiest month with NBA and NHL playoffs overlapping the MLB regular season and the NFL draft. Nothing says 'sports' like second guessing and using hindsight. It's what separates us fans from the professionals. They have to live with their decisions; we just have to criticize them.

Miscellaneous Me Second-Guessing Edition

- Is everyone ready to finally admit that college football does a better job at finding a national champion than college basketball does?

- Norm MacDonald's new show 'Sports Show' is a redo of Weekend Update but focused solely on sports.
- Ironically, or perhaps not, it is funny and a good concept but does not fit well into a half hour time block.
- Weekend Update style comedy works best in Weekend Update format, i.e. it last less than 15 minutes.

- Drew Carey's new show Improv-a-Ganza is the same exact thing that Whose Line is it Anyway? used to be except it is somehow not as good.

- For all those baseball fans who have unfairly labeled Vladimir Guerrero as a wild, free swinger, be aware that he has never struck out 100 times in a season at any point in his career.

- It's disappointing that Mitch Hedburg never existed at the same time as Twitter.

- Prior to the NFL draft, experts were claiming teams would be more inclined than ever to draft based on need because of the lack of free agency signings.
- The New York Giants used their first three picks this weekend doing arguably the exact opposite of that.
- If they are not able to fill holes through free agency, the skeptics will come out in waves.
- Ironically perhaps, I was on board for their first and second round picks.

- In hindsight, Rebecca Black has to be some sort of marketing genius.
- There are thousands of god awful videos on Youtube, yet she somehow became famous with her's.

- Wasn't it kind of a dick move for Professor Dumbledore to so often wait until the end-of-year feast to make alarming announcements and drastic changes to house cup standings?

- The Fast and the Furious Five just came out and I am upset I never got around to seeing the fourth installment because now I'm afraid I'll be completely lost with the story.

- How many games until we should actually care about a baseball player's hitting streak?
- It is at least 18.
- I don't want announcers telling me about any 11 or 12 game hitting streaks.

- How many games into the Major League Baseball season is it before it stops being "early"?
- We're not there yet.

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