Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Today is a good day to be lazy, but a bad day to only own one television. Come to think of it though, what is a good day to only own one tv? Well, anyways, since I do only have one tv, I am going to encounter major channel changing problems tonight, as tonight happens to be a spectacular tv night.

The NHL playoffs will actually be kicking things off late in the afternoon today. The Chicago Blackhawks will be trying to clinch a spot in the Stanley Cup finals. They are up three games to none right now on the number one seed Sharks and are looking to finish the sweep at home. This Blackhawks team is fun. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are fun. Their goalie, Antti Niemi is fun to watch and has a fun name to say. Patrick Sharp, the old vet Marian Hossa, and the two defensemen Seabrook and Duncan Kieth are all great as well. Not to mention, the playoff hero Dustin Byfuglien. By the way, look up how his name is pronounced, him and Jonathan Toews. See, everything about this Hawks team is fun.

Now I don't want to rule out the San Jose Sharks, since they were the best team in the conference all year long. But, come playoff time, this seems to be a recurring nightmare for them. They have loads of talent on offense. Their goalie is, perhaps, on the backside of his career, but I would not have expected them to lose the first two western conference finals games at home. They just seem to be, year after year, a regular season giant and playoff mouse. Think of them as the NHL's Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now of course, with it being a Sunday, there will be baseball on all day long, before, during, and after the hockey game. But the main event game, in my eyes, is the Yankees - Mets rubber match, which airs tonight.

(I still don't know why the deciding game in a series is called the 'rubber' match. I've heard this term for going on 15 years watching baseball and have never bothered to look it up. I will continue this tradition now, by, again, not looking it up.)

The subway series is always fun if you're a fan of either team, but tonight's should be special. These two teams split the first two games, and the pitching match-up for tonight is Yankees' ace CC Sabathia versus Mets' ace Johan Santana. It doesn't get much better than this (unless this same match-up happened three years ago, before Johan became mortal.) What would have been interesting, at least for the hindsighters, is if Phil Hughes pitched tonight, rather than last night. A few years back, the big talk around New York was Brian Cashman not pulling the trigger on trading Hughes for Santana. He wanted to keep the youngster, and it appears as though this was a very good decision. Of course, seeing them pitch against each other would have given the argument its own way of deciding who was right, at least for one night.

This is where my problems begin. For you see, very soon after this Yankees game begins, game three of the NBA western conference finals commences. Pau and the Lakers will be trying to put the first nail in the Phoenix coffin by winning tonight and going up 3-0. The Suns will be trying to hold serve at home, after losing games one and two on the road. If the Suns don't win here, it all but guarantees a Lakers - Celtics title rematch from 2008. All honest fans, with a good heart want the Suns to win here. No one in their right mind is actually a Lakers fan. I mean the only people who live in Los Angeles are fans from other cities that moved there anyway. Name one person born in LA, you can't.

To top it all off, and to further screw up my tv remote tonight, is the series finale of Lost. Have you heard about this? I'm not sure if they had been advertising about it. I hadn't seen anything. But apparently this is the last episode ever. The show is ending (until the spin-off where Jin is a ship captain who continually gets into boat explosions and somehow survives one after the other.)

With a simple check back to some previous posts, you can see I am very into Lost. I can't wait for this. I know I'm going to be slightly disappointed with the story arcs that are ignored or not finished, but I am certain the ending is going to be water cooler worthy. Whether that means it's actually a great ending or just spurs lots and lots of conversation, or both, I don't know yet. (By the way...water cooler talk? Does that happen still? Do people go talk by water coolers at places I am not aware of?)

So I think my decision is made. I have to watch Lost. I can't even wait until tomorrow to watch online. I'll feel like I missed something. Every commercial, I'll have to check in on the Yanks, because they're my favorite team. Meanwhile, I will be secretly rooting for Steve Nash and the Suns to pull out a game three victory. That's how it has to be. My priorities are set...unless I go buy another tv. I already have a cable splitter...

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