Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sports bother me IV

I was not going to address this Dez Bryant situation. It's one of those stupid sports stories that come out that have nothing to do with sports and I don't care in the least about. But now I am forced to. For those of you who do not know the story, look it up, it has been everywhere.

'People' were outraged, literally outraged, at Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland for his question. Some 'people' wanted him fired. Others were debating whether the question was illegal and he could be reprimanded for it. Still others, such as Mike Golic, said on air that he would have punched Jeff Ireland in the face for asking that question, and subsequently walked out of his job interview for the National Football League. The only person I heard make a reasonable point about this topic the past couple days was Colin Cowherd. He was the only guy who actually made the point that the context of this question might matter...uhh, duh! Every other sports critic was too up-in-arms to make that point, and too concerned with winning over the audience to say anything besides that Ireland should be beaten with a large pole. (Colin is usually good for saying something semi-controversial that others won't.)

Now, two/three days later, however long it has been, a new development has come out! So wait, this question by Jeff Ireland was NOT completely out of left field, reprehensible, and cruel? The question was actually logical. Jeff Ireland apologized yesterday, I suppose for this becoming such a big story, but Bryant is now the person who should apologize for ruining Jeff Ireland's reputation. Of course, Bryant is denying this new development, so we should give it another day or two for him to admit what really transpired, but here is our new account of that 'job-interview from hell.'

Originally, Jeff Ireland asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. Everyone flipped out. Dez Bryant got "really, really mad but didn't show it." Mike and Mike in the Morning got on their high horse, etc, etc. Now, according to 'multiple sources' (which can probably mean just two, but still...) Bryant led off this line of questioning by saying his father was a pimp. But that's not all! He also said his mother worked for his father! What is the only logical next question that can be asked at this point by Ireland during the interview? "Your mom was a prostitute?" Thanks Jeff. That is what I was wondering at this point as well. Thanks for not completely ignoring that topic and moving on to Dez's vertical jump score.

I do not really care about what happened in this interview. I do not really care what happens to Bryant or Ireland at this point. I just want people to stop jumping to conclusions. I know the media is forced to take sides when a story comes out, or else it's not as interesting to watch and ratings drop, but shouldn't they have the facts first? I guess that is more of a 1990's thing, having facts, and that is why sports bother me.

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