Friday, May 28, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

Here is a Memorial Day weekend edition of Miscellaneous Me!

(Please note: this post has nothing to do with Memorial Day or anything remotely related to Memorial Day.)

- The Chicago Blackhawks haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1961, the second longest title drought in American professional sports, topped only by the Cubs.
- Both these teams reside in the fine city of Chicago.
- The Chicago Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup finals.
- The Cubs suck.

- Red raspberry is way better than blue raspberry.

- If I ever flip to Mythbusters mid-episode, I always end up watching the rest of it, no matter what else I had been watching.

- I would listen to anything said with an auto-tuner.
- I would listen to Fran Drescher read minutes from a supreme court hearing if an auto-tuner was used.

- The Tampa Bay Rays had a perfect game thrown against them in back to back seasons.
- Paul O'neill was a position player on the winning side of three separate perfect games.
- There have only been 19 perfect games thrown in major league history.

- With the sheer size of the universe, it seems mathematically impossible that Earth contains the only living life forms.

- Nate Kaeding is statistically the most accurate kicker in NFL history.
- 22 of the 24 most accurate kickers EVER are still active.

- Racquetball is infinitely better than tennis and I think it is solely due to the lack of having to fetch the ball after a poor shot.

- I hate people who play a hand like Jack-Four suited because they "feel" like a flush is more likely than a straight. It's not. Look it up.
- I might play a hand like Jack-Four suited if I'm on the button.

- Rush Poker is currently the greatest thing available in the United States that is pending a patent.

- In spite of the writing in the Lost series finale, Benjamin Linus is one of the greatest television characters in history.
- This list also includes George Costanza, Gareth Keenan, and Perry Cox.
- Coming in dead last is Joey from Blossom, just getting edged out by Russ from that episode of Friends where Rachel dated the guy that seemed like Ross' twin.

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