Sunday, July 31, 2011

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This month on Twitter

Trending nationwide were the following phrases:

"Shawn Bradley." Since he has done nothing in the sports landscape in a decade, I can only assume Space Jam was being shown on television and it was a slow news day.

"Adrian Gonzales." A nice leap into the social consciousness during this month's MLB Home Run Derby for the new Red Sox star. However, until the nation spells his name correctly, I wouldn't put him on Derek Jeter's or Alex Rodriguez's level.

"Kerry Collins." He retired this month from the NFL, ending a surprisingly effective NFL career. Here are some Kerry Collins facts: he ranks in the top 10 all-time in career pass attempts and pass completions; he is number 11 all-time in career passing yards, ahead of Johnny Unitas, Jim Kelly, Steve Young and Troy Aikman.

"Greg Olsen," "Orlando Cabrera," "Michael Bourn," "Lofa Tatupu." These are just a few of the names that were trending nationwide this final week of July thanks to the MLB trade deadline and NFL roster frenzy. It is safe to say, at no other time would any of these men be in the fabric of conversation unless they were killed or had killed.

In other miscellaneous news of the month:

#MLBallstargame - everyone was in an uproar a few weeks ago when Derek Jeter pulled out of the MLB All-Star game with no real injury. Here is just something to keep in mind. He didn't even deserve to make the team. Not that that factored into his decision, just throwing that out there.

#speedlimit - for anyone driving through West Virginia, be aware when taking route 51. This road is like a automobile roller coaster. The speed limit is 50 MPH and the road is an endless cavalcade of huge dips and valleys, leaving you blind to the street ahead with your stomach edging ever closer to your throat.

#NCAA12 - props to the folks behind the video game NCAA '12 for that commercial where the Texas Long Horn's fan is getting a cast put on.

#pokerface - the best description ever for what someone means when they say you have a good poker face comes from Colson Whitehead: "you are a soulless monster whose fright mask is incapable of capturing normal human expressions. You are a throwback to a Neanderthal state of uncomplicated emotions, or a harbinger of our cold, passionless future, but either way, I don't know what's going on in your head."

#xgames17 - I am always a fan of tuning in for the X-Games. It is an entertaining weekend when it comes up in both the winter and summer. Last night, Shaun White threw down a Gold Medal-winning performance in his final run to top Pierre-Luc Gagnon in skateboard vert. Pierre-Luc had won the competition, the Super Bowl of skateboarding as it were, three consecutive years. It was tremendously exciting, something the X-Games is always able to deliver.

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