Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Happened to Loyalty...

As I did my nightly view of Sports Center early in the morning on Tuesday February 8th,
I came to a dark
realization. Loyalty has left many of the major sports we watch today. What
sparked this was SC's Highlight of the
Night. It was the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Dallas
Mavericks. The pictures bothered me so much. Despair
in the eyes of every Cavalier player.
The problem for
myself is not with the players, but with everyone else in Ohio and the Greater
Cleveland area. If these players can
find no hope, no joy, and no passion what does everyone
else feel?
The Dallas Mavericks won 99-96 having Cleveland lose a record 25 consecutive games.
This puts an exclamation
mark on what this city has lost. Not only an icon, but a figure to lead
them, bringing stability to a place that has struggled. LeBron
James made the city of Cleveland
and I realize this may be a
little late, but he also destroyed it. How do you replace what he
brought to the area. After doing some research I
found what he had brought and what he took
with him. The was LeBron's impact on the
city of Cleveland. An article in the acclaimed Atlantic
researched what economic impact he had on the city.
  1. Loss of Business revenue during games (i.e. Bars, Restaurants)
  2. According to Chris Good of the Atlantic about $3.7 Million per game
  3. $150 Million per season (that is just games alone)
  4. There were $2 Billion worth of business investments in Cleveland with LeBron
The point is he himself had the power to collapse a city. How can you replace the most
iconic figure in basketball?
Fleeing to Miami was probably the smartest choice in terms of a
successful pursuit of multiple NBA Championships,
but what about leading an entire state to
rally around you. LeBron gave that all up. I can not sit here and say his
decisions were
wrong, but they were immoral and selfish. Cleveland would have won a championship
eventually, they
had the "King" and money to obtain more talent around him.
It is apparent he did not want to be a leader anymore. He went to Miami to hide behind
Wade as now the second
in command. It is hard to understand his motives, but that is what
it is pointing to. LeBron James was more powerful than
any other figure in all of Ohio. He
brought stability to a diminished Cleveland and with his departure brought devastation.
himself made the Cleveland Cavaliers into the laughing stock of the NBA. If these thoughts
does not reach to him on a
personal level, then the man is evil. James in other words, ran
away from home...
Loyalties aside. Let's hope for his sake Cleveland rebounds.

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