Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Case I Don't See Ya... Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Goodnight

As Todd broadens his horizons, and expands on future endeavors, I am glad to say I am a new addition to the Sports Pinata. Having known Todd for a number of years this opportunity is exciting. With these topics there is no liking or disliking teams, players owners, coaches, etc... its about pure substance. I hope to spark debate. My name is Brandon Lorenzoni and have been a sports enthusiast (different than a fanatic) for about eight years now. My topics will be based upon integrity of sport because I believe that this aspect of sports is slowly dissipating. This will be an interesting project for Todd and I. We will be playing off each other based on our writing. There will be times of different topics and times of joint ideas with debatable issues. My ideas will be limited to just the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NCAAB. I would tell you I will cover all sports, but I don't want waste your time with unwarranted blabber. I will not tell you what teams I favor although that will probably be evident down the road. I hope to entertain your thoughts, but most of all challenge me, push me to get the debate started...

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