Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Update about the author

We have recently passed the 100 posts mark here at The Sports Pinata so I thought I'd give my reader(s?) an update.

For a few months now, I have been publishing some of my articles at The Bleacher Report. ( Not everything I write is submitted there and also there have been a few original pieces that went up at The Bleacher Report and not here at The Sports Pinata.

One of my most recent fantasy football articles received two writer medals. One was for getting over 5,000 reads and the other was for receiving over 50 viewer comments. In addition, the article was added to The Bleacher Report homepage for a few days after the NFL season had wrapped up.

Anyways, I will continue to write posts for The Bleacher Report, so if you wish to find my stuff there, here is the link to my writer profile:

You can also follow me on twitter @sportspinata to get all the links to my stuff and other, hopefully, entertaining quips.

That is all, but while I'm at it, after such a rousing success picking games the first round of the NFL playoffs, I might as well keep the streak going. (Rousing success happened to be 1-3 but did get the Seahawks right, so umm, yeah.)

I like Pittsburgh (-3) at home against a sloppy and inconsistent Ravens offense. Sure a push is highly probable but I'd rather ride Roethlisberger than Flacco, and no, that wasn't dirty innuendo.

No one is giving Atlanta any credit here. They are the number one seed, playing at home. I...will continue the trend. I like Green Bay (+2.5) to win outright. They are playing like the best team in the conference for sure.

Take Chicago (-10) against Seattle. The Seahawks "run" is over. They only play well at home and will be far from home on Sunday afternoon. The only question with this is whether the Bears will cover 10 points and I say yes.

I like the Jets (+9) to cover but not win. I know they got blown out by the Pats their last meeting and I know Mark Sanchez sure looks awful behind center and I know Tomlinson hasn't seemed fresh since week five and I know Tom Brady and the Patriots seem even better than their undefeated '07 team...Uhh, I know all this so I've convinced myself to change my mind. Take New England (-9). They're the better team.

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