Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellaneous Me

- It is a misnomer that, when being attacked by a shark, you should punch it in the nose. The best place to punch an attacking shark is in the eyes or gills.

- NHL All-Star weekend was fantastic. Having two captains pick the teams added a dimension of fun that no other sport has. In addition, the NHL skills competitions are better and more in-depth than what basketball or baseball has to offer. Bravo hockey.
- Is it just me or was it weird to have the NHL All-Star Game, NFL Pro Bowl and the X-Games all on the same day/weekend?
- With the inclusion of some good basketball games, I was stuck in front of my television all day yesterday.

- What is the verb for when it is hailing really hard? If it is raining really hard, we say it is pouring rain. Can it be pouring hail?
- Raining rain is grammatically correct.

- Katy Perry is the Linkin Park of pop singers. All her songs sound the same yet are not bothersome to listen to.
- I still listen to Hybrid Theory regularly.

- Maury Wills has the MLB single-season record for most games played...with 165.
- They used a three-game playoff format that year to decide a pennant winner.

- Humans are more buoyant in quicksand than they are in water.

- It is a little sad when I have nothing to do late at night during the week, I turn to read the clock and it says 12:40 AM, and Conan is already over.
- At that point, I usually decide I might as well just go to bed.

- Is there anything less meaningful in sports than the weekly college basketball rankings?

- Netflix instant has every season of Lost available and it is an odd show to re-watch.

- There is nothing better than going online in January and seeing the first fantasy baseball rankings and mock drafts are out.

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