Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

Running gags are great, like the Chuck Norris Lever or Bill Simmons' Draft Diaries. Here is this month's Miscellaneous Me.

- In the very first MLB Hall of Fame class, Ty Cobb received more votes than Babe Ruth.

- Just a prediction: Marvin Harrison will be thought of as this decade's O.J. Simpson.

- Milky Ways and Charleston Chews are not better frozen.

- Lord of the Rings is an example, one of a very few, where a movie version was better than the book.
- I never read the book, but I'm guessing Fight Club makes this list as well.

- David Blaine's street magic is oddly entertaining, even though it's clearly set up.

- The television show Last Comic Standing is like AAA minor league baseball where you have a mixture of young, up and coming performers, as well as older, failed veterans all competing on a level playing field.
- The MVP of the International League does not automatically get moved up to the majors.
- No one watches Triple-A baseball.

- Nothing delights me more than Red Sox players being put on the DL.

- Avon Barksdale is not a good name for a street thug.
- Stringer Bell is.

- Josh Cribbs is the NFL's all-time leader in kick return touchdowns.
- Josh Cribbs has returned 265 kicks in his career, 342 fewer than the all-time leader.

- I am so overly ready to be tremendously disappointed by the movie Inception.

- Futurama is my favorite previously canceled animated sitcom with a crustacean as a main character.

- Okay, let's get this over with:
- LeBron James is going to the Bulls.
- So is Chris Bosh.
- Dwyane Wade is returning to Miami.
- Dirk Nowitzki is returning to Dallas.
- Amar'e Stoudemire is returning to the Suns.
- Joe Johnson is going to the Knicks.
- Carlos Boozer sucks and does not deserve to be continually mentioned in these free agency conversations.

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