Thursday, June 30, 2011

Miscellaneous Me

Twitter Edition:

Trending nation-wide on Twitter this month were the following phrases.

#ripnickiminaj. Of course, we would all wish for hip hop singer Nicki Minaj to rest in peace. There is just one minor detail the entire country overlooked. She is, apparently, still alive.

"Idris Alba." I am sure the famed actor who played Stringer Bell on The Wire and had a guest spot on The Office for a season is very happy he was trending nation-wide, however, his name is Idris Elba. Should he take pride in the fact that he was obviously popular enough to gain such traction or should he be upset and saddened that he is clearly not yet famous enough for people to know how to spell his name?

Here are some athletes who could hope to trend as "Idris Alba" did: "Jonny Peralta", "Drew Holiday", "Sean Greene", and "Ryan Lindell."

In other miscellaneous news of the month:

#ESPNbook - My takeaway from all the coverage of the new ESPN book that came out, which I have not read other than the first 10 pages or so, is that Craig Kilborn is historically underrated in TV history. He was one of the first great Sportscenter anchors, creating catchphrases and blazing a trail for how the job would be done in the future. He then went on to host The Daily Show, now one of the most popular daily cable television shows in history. Afterwards, he had his very own late night show for a while and starred in movies. Now, off everyone's radar, Craig Kilborn is vastly underrated.

#whenanimalsattack - Ostriches are freaking terrifying in person. The have a dinosaur face, creepy, beady eyes and a hacksaw-sharp beak. Anyone who doesn't believe in evolution, I'm looking at you wacky religious people, stare an ostrich in the face and tell me it's not in the dinosaur family.

#stanleycupplayoffs - Here is some ridiculousness from the Stanley Cup playoffs: the Canucks had a negative goal differential for the entire playoffs yet made it to a deciding game of the Cup finals somehow. In those finals, goalie Roberto Luongo was pulled in two different games for being inept yet also threw up shutouts in two other games. The Sedin twins, 2010 league MVP Henrik and 2011 MVP finalist Daniel, were completely silenced in the series.

#bizarre - the term "adam's apple."

#theKilling - AMC's show The Killing is yet another perfect example of why my TV-watching theory is great. Rather than pick up a show at the beginning, get hooked and watch all year just hoping, begging that it doesn't disappoint and crush my soul at the end (i.e. The Killing), I instead wait a year, sometimes more, to make sure a show is good and worth following for an entire season or series. I can start watching Breaking Bad season one soon, knowing it will be worth my time.

#fantasyinjuries - I am sure ESPN fantasy sports injury expert Stephania Bell is a nice lady. However, she must be secretly delighted when her advice comes to fruition even at the expense of someone's season. Before the baseball season began, Stephania advised everyone to stay away from Marlin's ace Josh Johnson because of injury concerns. She took a lot of flak for this, especially after he got off to such a torrid start. Now that he is out and was recently moved to the 60-day disabled list, there must be some gratification from Bell, even if she wouldn't admit it.

#E32011 - Takeaways from watching the E3 entertainment expo shows on G4 this month: the new Uncharted game looks spectacular. The new Elder Scrolls game looks like a synonym of spectacular. I hope to attend this event one year.

#douglovesmovies - Doug Benson's creation, the Leonard Maltin Game, is fantastic. I enjoy this game and listening to people play it even though I have still never correctly guessed an answer. There's no novice edition when Doug Benson is in charge.

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