Thursday, December 30, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

I have some miscellaneous resolutions for the new year:

- I resolve to care even less about sports' all-star games than I already do.
- Fans vote for all these guys and fans are (a) dumb and (b) extremely bias.
- The games are terrible to watch.
- Some of the best NFL players of the year (Matt Cassel, Peyton Hillis and Darren McFadden) did not make the Pro Bowl.
- There is an NBA all-star ballot and rules of who gets on it rather than every player being eligible. This would be the dumbest award voting on the planet if the MLB Gold Glove voting wasn't so awful.
- The only redeemable thing about the all-star game in any sport is the change made in the NHL where two captains will pick the teams and play against each other. This is fantastic and should be adopted in every single sport.

- I resolve to buy an HD television and come to the 21st century with the rest of you.
- Directv's ability to pause what you're watching in one room and commence in another has to be the most pointless technology ever. Who has that many TVs and is moving around that much while engaged in a show?
- Chevy Chase and Dan Akroyd are still working in 2010, and starring in network sitcoms and big budget movies to boot. In 1975-76, (SNL season 1-2) the gambling odds on this would have been terrible yet just a decade ago it would have been off the board.
- Is there another pair of actors who starred in the same show more than 25 years ago and went from entertainment stars to no where to be found and back to prominence again?

- I resolve to watch more NBA basketball and attend at least one Wizards game before the season ends.
- Even with all the talk of contraction, the product is great and the talent level is the best it has been in a long time.
- I am of the belief that having dominant teams and terrible teams is better for a league than having a giant middle class.
- Didn't Kevin Garnett and Michael Jordan do the powder stunt (throwing the talcum powder in the air or clapping it between hands at the scorer's table, but making it a semi-exciting spectacle in the process) in pregames before LeBron James even got drafted?
- Is it just me or does any time in any basketball game a referee calls a 3 second violation, the guilty team complains and demands they "call that both ways!"?

- I resolve to be more understanding.
- I hate it when, late in December, someone tells me they’ll see me next year. Yeah I get it, next week is also next year.
- I actually said this to someone and as I was saying it, I just thought how much of a jackass I sounded like.

- I resolve to keep following sports even though things like Brett Favre, Andy Pettitte's text message, Larry Walker's and Jeff Bagwell's Hall of Fame candidacy, and someone thinking Michael Vick should be killed are all headlines during the final few days of 2010.

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