Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

- Welcome back Conan. Oh how we've missed you.
- Conan O'Brien's new show on TBS seems the same as his old show. Why did people expect otherwise?
- I don't understand the worry from people about him going head to head in ratings against Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Wasn't he already doing that at NBC?
- Along those same lines, why is there a difference between network talk shows and cable talk shows and the worry people won't be able to find TBS? Really? Can't find a TV station? What year is this?
- Why are there network-appropriate subjects? Why is Conan more "Fox" or "cable" than he was "NBC"? When have you ever not tuned in to something you wanted to watch because of what station it was on?
- CBS televises programs for an 'older' audience, yeah. But if there was a show on CBS I wanted to see, I'd watch CBS. I can't fathom any argument to the contrary.

- Prince Amukamara is the coolest name any Nebraska Cornhusker football player has had since Ndamukong Suh way back in 2009.

- The saying "old wives' tale" seems blatantly offensive yet no one seems to mind.

- I'm glad we are whittling down the non-AQ teams in college football because although everyone loves Boise State and Utah and a Cinderella story, I'd just like to cut the fairy tale and see Auburn play Oregon for the title.
- No offense TCU.

- This is a bad year for television dramas. There are none on TV I'm interested in watching.
- The best comedies going right now are Community and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
- Always Sunny is definitely not for everyone.

- I greatly prefer white meat over dark meat.
- That previous sentence would sound much more racist if Thanksgiving didn't just happen.

- Is it just me or does Jake Locker remind you of Jay Cutler?
- All the tangibles, strong arm, mobility, but neither won in college.
- Both could very well be the third QB taken in their respective drafts. (Obviously Cutler already was.)
- I'm still not sure if Locker would be happy with that comparison, or even if I can consider Jay Cutler's NFL career a success or failure either way.

- New Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharoah is the best impressionist they've had in a decade.
- In many scenes, his impressions are actually too good to make the scene funny. It just sounds like the celebrity talking.

- Jimmy Johnson won his fifth consecutive NASCAR title. Good for him.
- I don't know enough about NASCAR to make any comments other than that.
- I don't know what NASCAR stands for.

- People shouldn't put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving weekend. I am making a stand on this.

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