Sunday, October 31, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

- Now I'm no English major, but I do enjoy using proper grammar as much as the next guy. When someone asks me how I am, I always say "I'm doing well," as opposed to "I'm doing good." That's just a given. But I draw the line at certain points.
- When referring to the Miami Heat, it is clearly grammatically correct to say, "The Heat is going on a road trip." HOWEVER, we all know that sounds ridiculously stupid. Of course the noun 'heat' is singular and the verb should be 'is' but 'The Heat' is referring to a group of people, a team if you will. They are going on a road trip. The Heat are going on a road trip. The sentence refers to the team of players. Anytime someone says the 'correct' version, they sound like a moron, therefore, can we all agree to take a pass on proper grammar when it comes to this?
- Also, my last grammar soapbox, I swear, (at least for this month) pertains to runs batted in. The baseball stat is, itself, already plural, runs batted in. Therefore, technically, the abbreviation should be RBI. Player X had three RBI in the game. But come on! That sounds almost as dumb as the Heat example. RBIs is incorrectly double-plural (if that's even a thing) but we all know it sounds better. Player X had three RBIs in the game. Good. Anyone disagree with this?
- There are times to be grammatically correct and sports, apparently, not be that time.

- Isn't there an age where people stop asking you what you're going to be for Halloween? I'm not going to be anything. I'm not 8.
- Reese's peanut butter cups are not the best candy and stop telling me otherwise. They're not even in the top 10.
- Charleston Chews, Twix, Snickers, Micky Way, Dots, Skittles, Mars Bar, 3 Musketeers, 100 Grand, Starburst, and that's just off the top of my head.

- In "swept under the rug October news," Purdue basketball star Robbie Hummel re-tore his ACL. It's sad really. They were a title contender, top three team in the nation with him back and healthy. Of course, he can return next season on an injury redshirt, but teammates JaJaun Johnson and E'Twaun Moore cannot. They are both seniors.
- This lone injury drops Purdue from a probable top three rank in the nation to barely a top 25 team in my mind.
- This reminds me of the old adage, 'you can't lose your job due to injury.' Well, that simply is not the case. It only remains true if you are better than any possible replacement. If you're not clearly better, look forward to earning your spot back. Just ask Kevin Kolb and Mike Vick.

- Daniel Tosh has become "the" funny guy of 2010. His television show Tosh.O is cleverly rude, and that's what people like nowadays. However, I'm going to take credit for being on this bandwagon before the rest of you chumps. I saw Daniel Tosh live, doing stand-up, a number of years ago, and I was on board. He is a funny guy. Why does it take a structured television platform for people to ever notice?
- Jim Gaffigan is also really funny. He doesn't have his own show, but he shouldn't need one. Take notice people!

- For people like me who don't know/remember history, the 1992 Olympics were around the same time Yugoslavia was at civil war. Therefore, their Olympic basketball team was divided and one of the halves, Croatia, ended up playing the famous US Dream Team in the finals. They got smoked. Imagine if Yugoslavia was whole though. That group of players had already won the previous world title.
- The 1992 Olympic basketball gold medal game between the USA Dream Team and the complete Yugoslavia team might have been historically good.
- Add it to the list of sports What-Ifs.

- The NFL had a newsworthy month. First, they get thrown in the news in reference to this NCAA problem of players and agents. People want the NFL to punish college players who take money. That's probably the dumbest argument I have ever heard. Why would the NFL care? Why would they lessen their product, hurt the talent level of their teams because a kid does something against a different body's rulebook? It's not against NFL rules for an athlete to take money while he's in school. They shouldn't care in the least.
- The bigger October NFL story was pertaining to 'player safety.' I think it pertained to player safety. It at least was to make the NFL look good in regards to player safety. But whatever the reasons and reasoning was, the NFL wants to crack down on big hits and head injuries to its players. My favorite idea that people came up with was to go back to the leather helmets. This may seem silly at first, but the reason players are so careless hitting with their heads is because helmets are too good. They have no fear of getting hurt. If they had a worse helmet on, they would never lead with their head.
- It is radical and would never happen, but definitely a fun idea to consider.

- If Mythbusters and Snapple Facts somehow combined forces, would that be the most powerful news and entertainment source in the world?
- At least second, behind Jon Stewart, right?

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