Thursday, September 30, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

September was a month of baseball winding down, football starting up, hockey playing pre-season games, basketball playing world championships, and I think there was some kind of bocce tournament.

- FIBA was the basketball tournament to decide the best team in the entire world. Starting telecasts, the message that the announcers gave us was new players would have the hardest time adjusting to the bad and inconsistent officiating. And this is for the world title?
- Who'd have thought FIFA soccer would become the international gold standard for good refereeing and lack of players flopping?
- Didn't the US win gold in spite of the roster decisions and not because of them? No other country took the court with a solid team.
- Saying USA won gold because of choosing the small, small lineup is like saying you have a rock that keeps away tigers. I don't see any tigers so the rock must be working. US took home gold, so the roster must have been smart.

- Under no circumstances will I tune in for any episode of "The Event."
- Nor will I watched a single minute of "Outsourced" unless forced to by a mugger.

- I love all the early, out of conference college football match-ups.

- Is there anything worse than being out when it starts to thunderstorm and thinking you left your bedroom window open?
- I guess lupus would be worse.

- I haven't paid to rent a movie in years, ever since libraries started carrying a solid inventory of DVDs.
- Did you know libraries also have books?

- Proof fantasy sports don't always translate to real sports: Matt Schaub, Mark Reynolds, Andre Iguodala, Danny Granger, Derrick Mason, Ted Lilly, Shane Battier.

- I wish there were Snapple facts on every beverage I consumed.
- Bulls are not actually attracted to the color red.
- Nor are they color blind.

- After completing The Wire, I now get upset anytime any plot on any show doesn't make sense.
- Take a page from David Simon for God's sake and have every part of the show fit perfectly.

- The Kansas City Chiefs are now 3-0...I'm just sayin'.

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