Friday, July 30, 2010

Miscellaneous Me

This month's Miscellaneous Me, the last before the start of NFL training camps, takes a look back at the month that was.

- During the X Games is a sneaky fun weekend to watch television.

- Even with all the craziness, there are at least 20 other MLB fan bases who wish George Steinbrenner had been their team's owner.
- With a caveat of 'if there is a god' and 'if there is a heaven' and all that jazz, wouldn't it be fun if, when you got to heaven, god actually did sound like Bob Sheppard?

- I wouldn't go see The Expendables if tickets were free.

- In a Harris interactive poll done last month, Tiger Woods finished in a tie for first as America's favorite athlete.
- He tied Kobe Bryant.
- Americans apparently love cheating and rape (allegedly).
- Finishing last, for the sixth consecutive year, was the dog from Eddie.

- The only episode of Seinfeld that feels dated is the Keith Hernandez episode. No one has cared about a Mets player since 2001.

- MLB people are happily awaiting 2011 when both the NFL and NBA will be locked out.

- Yogurtland is the greatest ice cream/frozen yogurt value money can buy.
- It puts Cold Stone to shame.
- Don't even get me started on Ben & Jerry's.

- I would rather watch The Decision again than hear any more news about Brett Favre between now and Week 1.

- MLB Tonight Live on the MLB Network is the greatest thing since muffins became available in mini form.
- Prime Nine, also on the MLB Network, is a close second.

- Mark Reynolds is the only batter in MLB history who has struck out at least 200 times in a season.
- He's done it twice.
- 2010 will make it three times.
- In 1918, Babe Ruth led the league in strikeouts, with 58.

- Whats the big deal with Shark Week? Wouldn't Cheetah Week or Gila Monster Week be cooler?

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